Why Should Businesses Host a Virtual Summit?

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Increase Your Authority, Make an Impact, and Grow Your Income


A virtual summit is an online interactive event. The host/facilitator asks guest speakers questions about a particular topic within a specific niche. The guest speakers (influencers) are experts within their field. By collaborating with you, they can build their profile amongst their audiences, as well as increasing your visibility. You can choose whether you pay your influencers. Ultimately, it’s a marketing strategy that increases your email list, generates revenue, and grows your brand awareness.

A virtual summit is generally open for everyone to join. It’s up to the host to ensure attendees of the online session gain knowledge and receive insights on the topic.

The video interviews with speakers are usually made available for free during the event. However, an ‘all-access’ pass is required to view the summit post-event. 

The host’s aim is to increase email subscribers. When people sign up for a virtual summit, they register with their email addresses.

The most significant advantage of a virtual summit is that it is open to both beginners and seasoned professionals. For the people just starting out, they can use a virtual summit as a steppingstone to open themselves up to more opportunities.

The good thing about virtual summits is that everyone involved benefits from the event.

The host gains more visibility and awareness.

The speakers gain more publicity and, potentially more speaking engagements. They will also receive exposure to new audiences.

Why do businesses and brands host virtual summits?

Increasing email list

There is no better way to increase your email list than hosting a virtual summit. The more sign-ups you get, the more chances there are to generate revenue. However, it’s not always the number of people you have subscribing, but it’s the engagement level that’s most important. You’re better off having 50 engaged subscribers than 1,000 people that are not.  

Source of revenue

Apart from building a robust email list, you can also generate income from your virtual summit. When you make recordings of your event, you can offer an all-access plan to your audience. The plan grants subscriber’s lifetime access to your virtual summit.

Furthermore, you can make a respectful sales pitch at the end of your virtual summit. This way, interested parties can purchase advertised products and services you may have to offer.

Enhanced relationships

A virtual summit is a great way to build relationships. You should know that people make purchasing decisions based on existing relationships. With the combination of collaborations with influencers and meeting like-minded people, you’ll be given the opportunity to instantly grow your network.