Meeting and event management services that will upgrade any event.

Meeting and event management services that will upgrade any event.

Meeting and event management services that will upgrade any event.

Full-Service Event Management

Technology Management

Event Marketing & Promotions

You’ll never want to plan an event any other way.

As the educational and hybrid event meeting experts, we provide seamless event management that will blow you away. We like to make this so simple that you wonder why you ever planned events any other way.

Conference Management

Whether you need support services or full-service event management, we’re here to simplify your event planning & execution.

We’ll help you:

– Event project management
– Speaker management
– Produce quality audio-visual and multimedia
– Effortlessly coordinate suppliers and vendors
– Make registration a breeze online + in-person
– Manage volunteers and staff
– Strategically market your event
– & so much more

Technology Management

As a trailblazer in the hybrid and digital event space, we understand event tech. We’ll help you find the right tech that adds value to your event without the headaches!
We’ll help you:

– Find the right content capture platform
– Record onsite presentations for digital archives
– Seamlessly sync ppt and audio into single files

Online Education Libraries

Increase the value for your participants with a completely customizable & easy-to-navigate online education library for all your event content.
We’ll help you:

– Integrate with your registration systems
– Customize product selection
– Build a robust search feature with advanced search filters
– Make your content mobile-friendly
– Offer vairable price options and access levels
– & so much more

Webinar Management & Virtual Meetings

Attract qualified leads, extend the life of a conference, and increase brand awareness with educational content from anywhere in the world.

We’ll help you:

– Find the right content capture platform
– Stream speakers live or record presentations
– Host interactive chat pods for attendees
– Manage speakers and users
– & so much more

Event Marketing & Promotion

We’ll cover everything from your theme to your website – and everything in between – to give your event the promotion it deserves.
We’ll help you:

– Design and distribute beautiful promotional materials
– Manage publications and your event social media
– Build attendance
– Design and develop your event website
– Offer variable price options + access levels
– & so much more

Sponsorships & Exhibits

Collaborate and build brand partnerships with sponsors who support your event mission and help your event gain the recognition it deserves.
We’ll help you:

– Gain exhibition and sponsorship sales
– Conduct prospecting and market research to uncover your ideal sponsors
– Design and develop exhibit floor plans and manuals
– Manage sponsor relations and contracts
– & so much more

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