We’re excited to announce the launch of colLABorate – a virtual event series bringing together planners and top industry experts. Each month we’re opening the “LAB” to showcase our partners, abilities, and newfound opportunities that you can add to your event toolbox in 2022.


Episode 2 AIRS Live on February 16, 2022.

Groundhog Dog: When COVID Just Won’t End

Experiencing deja vu? It can feel as though we’re stuck in a loop [re]creating the same events in the virtual and hybrid world. When it seems like we’re doing more of the same – not to mention COVID seems to be on repeat – how do we as event producers keep it fresh…and safe?

Join us as we dive into event design and risk management strategies to ensure our events are making an impact. Let’s explore how proper planning and creative solutions can help us escape the mundane and deliver new experiences that will wow our clients.

Natasha Thom, Sr. Event Producer

Event Specialists Inc.

Anthony Vade, Director North America

Event Design Collective GmbH

Mahoganey Jones, Founder & CEO

Event Specialists Inc.

Episode 1: Hybrid Event Production Beyond 2020 - PC

The pandemic has allowed event producers to shine the light on the value of our event content. Join our CEO, Mahoganey Jones, and our special guest, Mark Awad of bb Blanc, as we unpack shifting to a digital-first model for planning your events and the impact on the production and, of course, the attendee journey.

Mahoganey Jones, Founder & CEO

Event Specialists

Mark Awad

Mark Awad, Director of Business Development

bb Blanc