Life in Virtual: A World of Discovery

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While the shift to virtual that was forced by the Covid-19 pandemic was quick and often marked by panic, our collective experience of “going digital” has also brought us opportunities to experience new technologies, ways of learning, and also understanding. While digital ways of learning and virtual experiences existed before the onset of the pandemic, we tended to prioritize the in-person options before us.  


As we begin to collectively shift into a“digital first mindset”, our team is looking forward to allowing these new ways of knowing, learning, and interacting to facilitate accessible event experiences for everyone. Limitations of illness, disability, or geography don’t need to dictate who gets invited or to meaningfully participate anymore. Right from the ideation phase, event organizers and management teams can fully consider all the possible virtual, in-person, and hybrid tools available to make their experience the best it could possibly be. 


When designing a virtual or hybrid event with virtual components, the first question to ask yourself is, “What translates well both in person and online?” Begin designing your event from there. The next question to ask is, “What are the benefits and opportunities of this virtual or hybrid event?” One of the best discoveries of virtual events are what we like to call “the hidden audience” or the people who decide to participate thanks to a virtual option that you didn’t even know were interested in your product, question, or experience. New audiences are being discovered every day in the hybrid space. 


As virtual event producers, we commit to assessing your event needs from a holistic perspective. We neither favour nor are intimidated by the online space or virtual event platforms which means we will only recommend the virtual or in-person components of a program if we think that they will best serve you. From registration to agenda setting to content delivery, our team is to support you in designing the strongest possible program to best meet your goals!