Hybrid Events: The Marriage of the In-Person & Online Experience

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Hybrid Events: The Marriage of the In-Person & Online Experience


When Covid-19 hit, organizations large and small were forced to learn how to host a virtual event and meeting space almost overnight. Terms like “live-streaming”, “zoom”, or “the virtual waiting room” became second nature and virtual participation became the new reality. But as we return to in-person events, the concept of “hybrid” meetings and events are the current normal.


Thankfully, our founder Mahoganey Jones was one of the pioneers in the field of hybrid event hosting for years prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. In its purest form, she believes that a hybrid event is actually the marriage of an in-person and an online experience. Guided by this vision, our team is committed to designing an event or meeting in which the in-person audience and virtual audience experience a shared journey. 



Still struggling to picture your ideal hybrid event? Think of it this way. We like to think of hybrid events like a Canadian hockey game enjoyed by fans in the arena and at home alike. Just like the organizers of the Playoffs, our team strives to create a similar experience in which viewers and participants both in the room and beaming in from their homes enjoy experientially different but equally meaningful experiences. 



Offering both design and management packages for clients wishing to execute a hybrid experience, our team begins by identifying your key goals and objectives for the event. What will make this event a success? What will translate well both in person and online? Ultimately, our objective is to leave no participant behind. 



On a practical level, our team offers technologists who are well equipped to work with A/V systems, understand streaming licenses etc. as well as planners, event managers, and more. That means we can both plan for and interface with the technical aspects of a hybrid event while also functioning like planners at heart. This includes but is not limited to coordinating sponsorship packages, agenda drafting, speaker management, etc. while also bringing a full set of partners we work with on a daily basis to support you and your vision for the perfect hybrid event.


Our best piece of advice for those looking to host a hybrid meeting or event is this: “Start with what you do well and begin planning the event from there. Let this strength guide what you offer to clients and/or participants both in-person and online.”