Future of Virtual and Hybrid Events

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Making Virtual and Hybrid Events More Engaging Than Ever Before

In 2020, the event planning industry underwent a massive transformation as in-person events were halted. As such, we’ve been asked to share our thoughts on best practices and resources that would be helpful to our #eventprofs community. The concept and definition of hybrid became a hot topic!

While the idea of hybrid events isn’t new, the need for virtual and hybrid events from 2021 and beyond is going to depend on how the world opens up. Hybrid events now more than ever have a need based on the fact that we have already seen lucrative and successful switches to virtual events.

I’m excited to partner with Mediaplanet for its Future of Virtual and Hybrid Events campaign and share some of the tips, tools, and resources available to help event planners prepare for and thrive in the future of event and meeting planning.


Learn more by picking up a copy of the campaign and reading my panel interview online here: https://bit.ly/3f6Yc5Z