Virtual & Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings are the answer to several of the problems facing the modern-day meeting planner. In this day & age, engaging attendees at the venue alone is not always enough. Today’s attendee spends just as much time interacting with brands online as they spend interacting with them in person. Each moment that a meeting planner spends without a clear action plan of how to seamlessly merge the digital and physical event experience costs you time, money, and client trust.


Put our team of specialists to work for you! Work with us to ensure your virtual or hybrid meeting is a success.

Not sure where to begin? Let’s book a time to chat about your upcoming event, your goals and objectives, your current event successes and challenges, and we’ll explore working together.

Are you considering a new platform for your webinars? Are you unsure if a hybrid option is viable for your organization? Are you struggling with finding the right event suppliers? Limited to 1 hour, a consultation is arranged to discuss a specific area of concern or project.

A strategy session is designed for planners who have a meeting or event that requires additional support. Sessions are particularly useful when a client would like to take the reins of their hybrid event but wants the ability to discuss strategy, ask questions or get advice during the planning phase.


We work with clients to manage virtual summits from start to finish to enforce a brand message, extend the life of a conference, or offer ongoing additional value to your membership.
Services offered include


Webinars are a great way to promote an upcoming conference, or alternatively, can be useful in a year when a major conference is not being held. This helps to maintain education in the field, while increasing delegate awareness and interest. Depending on the industry, webinars can also be accredited, which provides even more incentive for delegates to participate.

We work with clients to manage webinar programs that can enforce a conference message, extend the life of a conference, or offer ongoing additional value to your membership.
Some of the services offered include:


From one-day meetings to virtual conferences with over 5,000 delegates, 100 exhibitors and sponsors, attending from over 10 different countries.

Some of the services offered include: