Meeting Planner Solutions

Specializing in educational and hybrid meetings, Event Specialists provides complete meeting and event management services to our clients. We work closely with you the planner and/or your sales, marketing, administrative, and strategic planning team to implement conferences, meetings, speaker tours, and professional development activities.


We are the logistical partner that supports and enhances your existing staff, and we provide seamless interaction with suppliers and clients. Consider collaborating with the Event Specialists team saving you time and money.


Whether you are looking for a few a la carte services to support your conference team, or are looking for a to z conference management solutions, we will work with you to customize our services in order to match your conference or event needs.

Some of the services offered include:


Event Specialists is proud to be a leader in the digital and hybrid space! As strong supporters of high quality & accessible learning, we offer integrated and stand-alone virtual solutions for conferences & associations. On-demand learning is continuing to gain popularity and our services allow you to capture, host & monetize presentations, lending more value to your organization & event.

Some of the services offered include:


The online library is where all your digital content from different sources comes together. The content can be from webinars, physical conferences that have been recorded or other digital materials such as e-posters. Products can be bundled by theme, conference or sold as individual products. Online libraries are both a revenue opportunity and/or member benefit.

We have created virtual libraries with the below features:


Webinars are a great way to promote an upcoming conference, or alternatively, can be useful in a year when a major conference is not being held. This helps to maintain education in the field, while increasing delegate awareness and interest. Depending on the industry, webinars can also be accredited, which provides even more incentive for delegates to participate.

We work with clients to manage webinar programs that can enforce a conference message, extend the life of a conference, or offer ongoing additional value to your membership.

Some of the services offered include:


From one-day webinars to virtual conferences with over 2,800 delegates, attending from over 10 different countries.

Some of the services offered include:


From your theme to your event website, we ensure your event strategy and brand seamlessly come together. We take the time to conduct the proper research in order to better reach your target market, specialize marketing campaigns unique to your conference or event and have our own in-house graphic designer who can produce quality designs at a moment’s notice.

Some of the services offered include:


Sponsor and exhibitor relationships are a valuable partnership for many events. By offering unique opportunities to collaborate and showcase logos and brand messages, we make sure that your sponsors support your event mission and gain the recognition they deserve and in turn, ensure that your conference will see the full benefits of their contributions.

Some of the services offered include:


Successful meetings are the result of focused planning, attention to detail and professional onsite coordination, all of which are centered around creating a memorable experiences that keep your audience engaged and talking about your event for years to come. At Event Specialists, we collaborate with you to manage meetings and events whether large or small, near or far, that will bring together the very best services, products and venues from around the globe to ensure that your team or clients leave your meeting feeling engaged and inspired.

Some of the services offered include: