Speaker Solutions

Every Event is an Opportunity to Generate Positive Buzz About Your Brand or Organization.

Want to ensure you are planning conferences and events your audience actually wants to attend? Learn how to produce educational events that are designed to engage and generate revenue. Starting with what you already do well, let’s use the latest technology trends, meeting design and/or livestream technologies to ensure your next event is a success.

Mahoganey’s presentations or workshops will show you how to:


  • Validate your event to maximize your ROI
  • Engage your audience both in-person and online
  • Create an event marketing plan to sell out your event
  • Start producing revenue generating workshops
  • Create a Signature Event
  • Get meeting idea buy-in from executives
  • Plan and execute a hybrid meeting
  • Revive a dying event
  • Create an event business plan
  • Go from behind the scenes to the stage. Leader with authority.
  • Share our struggles: Confessions of EventPreneur

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